The Freedom Fertility Formula™

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Struggling to conceive can impact every area of your life. It’s consuming, exhausting, emotionally draining and lonely. The turmoil it can have on our relationships, friendships, career and marriage can be strenuous – but the most significant impact of all is the one on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
It’s at this point that you may find you’ve slammed on the emergency breaks in life, unable to find joy in any moments due to the constant pain, fear, anxiety and yearning for a family. I want you to know that everything you are feeling is completely understandable and normal, and that most importantly, you are not alone.

I’m here to support and guide you – as an individual or as a couple – out of these incredibly hard moments and through a powerful journey of healing. This dark place that you currently find yourself in is temporary, and by working together in a safe space we will take you from emotional overwhelm, to a place of feeling calm and in control.


Let’s get you back to that place of living your life, all whilst supporting and enhancing your chances of becoming pregnant.

“Working with Lucy gave us the opportunity to communicate with each other more openly about our fertility journey. Lucy was warm and gentle and she provided a safe space where we could be open and honest with each other, and she guided us through the modules with expertise. When we started seeing Lucy we were a bit stuck but, by the end of our course, we were emotionally ready to take on IVF.

Heather & Jon

What is the Freedom Fertility Formula™?

Put simply, it’s a 16-week dynamic emotional healing and life-empowerment journey, with mental health and emotional wellbeing at its heart.

It’s a deeply restorative programme using a mix of coaching, counselling, and mind-body techniques. Consisting of seven core sessions, we address areas such as self-care and emotional states, and work to remove any subconscious emotional blocks that may be inadvertently affecting your fertility.

This programme supported me throughout my fertility journey and some of my darkest times – now igniting my passion to work with couples and individuals to put mental and emotional wellbeing at the forefront of their fertility struggle.

My Programmes


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Freedom Fertility Formula™

See what it includes
  • 7 x 1.5-hour sessions held approximately every other week
  • A FREE Life Quest Journal to plan, reflect and stay on track
  • Access to a powerful 'Client Resources Area’ (with written/audio content)
  • Email contact with me between sessions
  • 15-minute SOS call between sessions

IVF Ready

  • 4 x 1.5-hour sessions
  • Guided relaxation audios to keep you feeling calm before and during treatment
  • Email contact as required between sessions
  • 15 minutes SOS calls between sessions as required

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Why work with me?

I have experienced my own fertility battle with primary and secondary infertility, but I also appreciate that everyone’s journey is unique, just like you.

I will listen to your fertility journey and by listen, I mean actively listen. I will not judge or question anything but simply be there for you to talk to.


Together we’ll explore and identify the areas of your life that are having the greatest impact. We will look at all your difficult emotions and triggers and I will empower you to take back control of them, rather than letting them control you.

You will come away from our time together with a range of techniques for life, not just your fertility journey.

Lucy x

“Lucy has been an amazing teacher and I already miss our sessions with her! She is compassionate, kind and took us through the course at a pace that suited us. I never felt anything was unmanageable or too much. I felt she really listened to us and cared about what we were going through, remembering tiny details from previous sessions. I also found it really important how relatable Lucy was as she has been through her own fertility journey. Very subtly and carefully she would pull on her own experiences which I found so useful.

I truly believe we are in a better place now and I know we can deal with whatever our journey ahead entails. Thank you Lucy for all your support and for having such a positive impact on our lives. I would recommend Lucy and the course to anyone who is struggling with their fertility journey.”

Emily & Eddy