The Freedom Family Formula™

Emotional empowerment on your journey to parenthood…

Having a baby is a life event that can bring with it a whole host of emotions. From the widely acknowledged joy and excitement, to the more apprehensive feelings of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. All these conflicting emotions can co-exist – making it a bumpy rollercoaster ride over which you may feel you have little control.


For some, those emotional challenges may be all-consuming and utterly overwhelming at a time when you feel that you should be happy and content. And when we’re often contending with the congratulations messages, advice and stories from those around us (who we know mean well), it can be a struggle trying to process those difficult emotions and make empowering decisions from a clear mind.


Your pregnancy and journey to parenthood doesn’t have to be one of fear, stress and anxiety. And no matter how or why you are contending with this dark cloud, I can support and guide you to a place of calm and control – where you can tackle those worries head-on, feeling emotionally strong and physically energised for your pregnancy and beyond.

“Empowered parents raise empowered children.”

What is the Freedom Family Formula™?

Your experience through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting is as unique a journey as you are an individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, although society may sometimes imply otherwise. The Freedom Family Formula™ redefines antenatal education by placing your mental and emotional wellbeing at the heart of your pathway to parenthood.


Supported through three modules (containing 8 x sessions in total), this dynamic healing and life empowerment journey will provide emotional space for preparing for the changes and challenges that come with the joy of a new baby.


The modules include:


  • Blooming Module: Building empowered parents (5 x sessions)
  • Birth Module: Best birth possible (2 x sessions)
  • Bonding Module: Balancing act of parenting (1 x session – extra sessions available to purchase)


The Freedom Family Formula™ seeks to support you from early pregnancy to ensure that you can feel calm, confident and emotionally in control right from the start, navigating your journey in a way that works for you.


It’ll arm you with the flexible tools and techniques needed to live your life with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ – a unique approach to understanding your emotions, taking the care of your mental and emotional wellness to a whole new level.

“…I truly believe we are in a better place now and I know we can deal with whatever our journey ahead entails. Thank you Lucy for all your support and for having such a positive impact on our lives. I would recommend Lucy and the course to anyone…”

What does the Freedom Family Formula™ include?

Freedom Fertility Formula™

See what it includes
  • 8 x 90-minute sessions held over 5-6 months
  • Access to a powerful 'Client Resources Area’ (with written/audio content)
  • Email contact with me between sessions
  • 15-minute SOS call between sessions
  • A FREE Life Quest Journal to plan, reflect and stay on track


  • Available on request and tailored to address specific concerns.


Feel free to email, phone or complete the contact form here, and I’ll be in touch to arrange a FREE call.

Is the Freedom Family Formula™ right for you?

For some, the Freedom Family Formula™ will provide the necessary healing from past experiences that are significantly affecting their pregnancy to parenthood journey. These struggles may be due to many reasons, including, but limited to…


  • A difficult fertility journey, only to find your anxiety levels have now sky-rocketed with pregnancy
  • Losing someone dearly loved to you, leaving overwhelming sadness that they are missing on this special moment in life
  • Experienced a previously challenging pregnancy or birth trauma, resulting in raw emotions rising to the surface


For others, this may be new-found anxiety or stress directly from the pregnancy itself. You may be embarking on this journey alone, have a high-powered career that you’re worried will be affected by becoming a parent, or you may be the partner of someone pregnant, struggling to understand and process your emotions.


Whatever the reason for you being here now and reading this, acknowledging those feelings and seeking support is a significant step forward in your journey to regain emotional control.

Why work with me?

Experiencing a long fertility battle with both my pregnancies, I understand first-hand the effect that high anxiety and stress levels can have on your mental and emotional wellbeing.


Learning to heal from past experiences and how to process and manage emotions from pregnancy and into parenthood, will have profound benefits for you and your child/children.


Exploring how best to take care of our emotional self is therefore vital, and the Freedom Family Formula™ fills that gap that most antenatal education lacks.


You will come away from our time together with a range of tools and techniques for life, not just your parenting journey. I look forward to supporting you.


Lucy x

My path to parenthood journey…

Falling pregnant at 37 years old – after a long battle with unexplained infertility – didn’t bring the feelings of relief and happiness I’d hoped for.


I contended with rising anxiety levels before every scan and milestone, fear of birth and breastfeeding (due to horror stories from friends and family), and concerns about the unknown world of motherhood – and how it may impact my career post-baby.


But by investing in the appropriate support, I began to enjoy my pregnancy, going into birth feeling empowered and embracing early parenthood confident I was doing what felt right for me and my baby.


After a lengthy struggle with secondary infertility, miscarriage, and multiple rounds of IVF, I fell pregnant with twins aged 41. It was natural for me to contend with some anxiety. Still, I’d learned to hone in on my gut feelings (which were telling me all was well), even after experiencing two minor scares early in the pregnancy.


There is much hearsay around having twins and negativity around being an ‘older’ Mum. But I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy giving birth vaginally to my twins at 37 weeks – something many medical professionals and friends did not predict! I proudly breastfed my twins until they were 12 months old – because I was armed with the right tools and techniques I’d learnt with my first child. I felt even more empowered to do what was right for my twins from those early days of parenthood.


My daughter is now 7, and my twins are 3 years old (where has that time gone!). Parenthood is a wild but incredibly rewarding ride. Even today, I disregard the noise from society, tune into my feelings and always do what FEELS right for my children.