Welcome, you're in the right place

The journey you are on right now is a difficult one to navigate. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving you feeling out of control, powerless and unable to find many moments of joy in your life. It’s incredibly consuming and often a very dark place to be. I know, because I have been there too.


Struggling to conceive can feel like a constant battle. The effects of such impact all aspects of our world around us, from our work and friendships to our relationship with our significant other. We often focus on the physical elements of our journey, not fully understanding the turmoil it takes on our mental and emotional wellbeing too.


I understand that place you are in right now. I have experienced my own battle with infertility, and I appreciate how desperately lonely it can be.


By working together, we can take you from this feeling of emotional overwhelm and pain, to a positive place where you feel calm, confident and empowered to start living and enjoying life again – while ‘in the wait’ for your precious baby.


Please, don’t suffer in silence. Let me support and guide you through a journey of powerful healing and life empowerment.


Lucy x

“My husband and I have found the freedom fertility journey with Lucy invaluable. Looking back at the person I was when we started the course makes me realise what an impact the course has had on my life. I feel confident, calm and happy and look forward with hope to when we get our baby.

…I truly believe we are in a better place now and I know we can deal with whatever our journey ahead entails. Thank you Lucy for all your support and for having such a positive impact on our lives. I would recommend Lucy and the course to anyone who is struggling with their fertility journey.”

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